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Discovered in the west, the shy bear cat is a cross between a house cat and a teddy-bear, but is a member of the carnivorous raccoon family. It has woolly orange brown fur and lives in the cloud forests of Colombia and Ecuador. Its name is from 'neblina,' which means fog in Spanish. It is said that it is mostly active at night and eats fruit, it also carries one baby at a time.

Domain: Animals; Category: Animals

發現在西方,害羞熊貓是介於一隻家貓和一個玩具熊,但是是食肉的浣熊家庭成員。它已具綿狀毛的橙棕色的皮毛,住在哥倫比亞和厄瓜多爾的雲霧森林。它的名字是從 'neblina',這意味著在西班牙文中的霧。據說它在晚上大多處於活動狀態,吃水果,它也在同一時間傳送一個嬰兒。

Domain: Animals; Category: Animals

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