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Organic acids

This category refers to organic compounds with acidic properties. Carboxylic acids are the most common organic groups, whose chemical makeup consists of the carboxyl group - COOH.

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Organic acids


Organic chemicals; Organic acids

物質 β-羥基丁酸、 乙醯乙酸、 丙酮,產生的脂肪酸和碳水化合物代謝在肝臟在大約 78:20:2 的比率。乙醯乙酸酯被由乙醯輔酶 a。大部分酶轉換為 β-氧代丁酸,但少量自發羧對丙酮。酮體可以用作燃料,由肌肉和腦組織。在饑餓和不受控制的糖尿病患者中,大批量生產,造成代謝性酸中毒和所有三個酮體的血液和尿液水準升高。 ...

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