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Miu Miu

Fashion; Brands & labels

為首馬里奧普拉達的孫女,繆繆成立于 1992 年由繆西婭 · 普拉達普拉達時裝屋下。此時尚標籤專業手袋及配件。


Fashion; Brands & labels

義大利時尚高端時尚標籤對男子和婦女,行李、 配件、 皮革製品和服裝生產銷售。標籤最初成立于 1913 年,Mario Prada 在義大利米蘭賣僅皮革製品、 ...


Fashion; Brands & labels

Also known as LV, this label's full name is Louis Vuitoon Malletier and was founded in France in 1854. Producing luggage, accessories, apparel, shoes, eyewear, and books, among other things, Louis ...


Fashion; Brands & labels

喬治 · 阿瑪尼是義大利時裝屋,喬治 · 阿瑪尼公司,由義大利設計師喬治 · 阿瑪尼擁有從高端時尚標籤。標籤為男子和婦女的服裝、 眼鏡、 配件和香水生產而聞名。 ...


Fashion; Brands & labels

巴黎世家在 1914 年開始在西班牙由西班牙時裝設計師克裡斯托瓦爾巴黎世家。此時尚標籤的特點是為其設計提供剪影、 女性線條和泡沫的裙子。


Fashion; Brands & labels

Italian high-end brand label that is characterized by its use of geometric shapes, it was founded by Italian fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. The fashion brand has two main ...


Fashion; Brands & labels

High-end French fashion label, Dior was founded in 1946 by fashion designer Christian Dior, notorious for its couture and accessories.

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