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Generally speaking, if you order the "special" at a restaurant, what are you getting?

Are you getting a possible new menu item that they are trying out? Are you getting something that is close to being out of date?

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Hi. Working as a Food and Beverage manager I can tell you that: * the theory is that the specials are items that are changing acording to the fresh items that the chef is purchasing daily at the market. Off course ALL items are fresh, but happens that the chef finds a good meat or fish or vegetable at the market but there is no dish (with this ingredient) present on the menu so he creates the Special of the Day. Another options is that the restaurant is testing some new recipes before putting them in the menu. * the reality is that the mahority restaurants (usually the ones that are not able to have a good turn over of items) are trying to use a "slow" ingredient in the special in order to finish it out. How can you discover which one of the 2 options is true? I think it is not easy but maybe you can evaluate it by checking how many customers are sitting in the restaurant (if you are alone this is a sign that maybe it is always like this so items in the kitchen may be are not really fresh). Then ask what was the special of the previous day... if it is the same dish so most probably the second options i the correct one...

13:16, 13 July 2011


A special can be when they have ordered too much of something and need to use it up or lose it, or it can be that they are trying to push something that hasn't been moving well and is close to expiring. Sometimes it is just that a restaurant chooses a particular dish for each day to offer at a discount on a reguar basis. It really varies from restaurant to restaurant.

01:00, 6 July 2011

shamoil ahmad

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22:13, 5 July 2011

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