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Mind-bending facts about Black Holes. Lets see what we can find out.

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Gravitasjonskraften til et svart hull som kan langsom ned tiden selv, ifølge relativitetsteori. Hvis du kan ta et romskip til et svart hull, bane rundt en stund, og dem fly svart til jorden, ville du ...

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Some equations suggest that every black hole contains a universe, which would mean that our universe is inside a black hole right now. Who knows.

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While black holes are most definitely real, they have theoretical opposites called white holes, which would endlessly spew matter into the universe. They were thought to be purely hypothetical, but ...

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The gravitational pull of a black hole can greatly slow down time itself, according to relativity. If you could take a spaceship to a black hole, orbit around it for a while, and them fly black to ...

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Supermassive black holes likely exist at the centers of most galaxies. And since galaxies sometimes collide, that means, black holes do too, and when that happens, it's thought that one black hole ...

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Black holes are black because their gravity is so strong that not even light can can escape. But they do emit radiation usually called Hawking Radiation, after Stephen Hawking, who first theorized ...

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The milky way has a supermassive black hole in its center, and it seems to have exploded about 2 million years ago in an event known as a Seyfert flare. The radiation from the black hole would have ...

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